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And Confucius repeatedly paid attention of pupils to this aspect of management, having entered it into one of obligatory functions of the state. Confucius noted that in well operated state there has to be "enough food, there is enough arms and the people have to trust it (administration)".

Analyzing Confucius's statements about the state you feel as if changes of a tonality. The voice of the teacher becomes more strict, sometimes even sharp. Apparently, personal experience of stay even if short-term, at the top administrative posts convinced Confucius what to operate people and the state - a difficult task.

Will pass centuries, and the bureaucracy will turn concept compliance and politeness, into an integral part of rules. However, politeness will be already treated on - to other and will be reduced only to blind following to the developed ceremonies and subsequently in the West will receive the name of the Chinese ceremonies.

It would be wrong to assume as if Confucius was against operation of the people, he always and in everything was afraid of an extreme therefore and here he supports moderate operation, so-called "fair use of the people". To the same thought Confucius comes back at the end of the treatise where one of the "five fine qualities" necessary Jun Zi for effective management of the state, calls ability correctly to use human resources.