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What to write a process paragraph

The flood is the flooding of considerable territories resulting from flood of the rivers, downpours, ice jams of the rivers and other reasons. At a flood there is a destruction of buildings, constructions, washout of a site of roads, damage of hydraulic engineering constructions. The designed lesotransportny car can be used for transportation of material values, for transportation of construction materials and various designs for restoration of the destroyed buildings, constructions, roads.

driving wheels of big diameter, sharnirno-sochlenyony frame, considerable road gleam provide to modifications higher passability in comparison with basic agricultural tractors;

modification wheel a tractor can widely be used as base for various logging cars, the big road gleam and tires of low pressure of these modifications ensure steady functioning on various soil coverings, and subgrowth preservation;

The intermediate gear wheel of Z28 serves for connection and change of the direction of rotation of a gear wheel of differential of Z16 and a gear wheel of the synchronizing Z2 reducer the Intermediate gear wheel does not influence change of transfer number therefore it can be made any size, we accept that numbers of teeths of gear wheels of Z28 and Z29 are equal (Z28=Z29 =

Conclusion: The project on all indicators is effective, pays off within nine months, therefore, it is possible to recommend use of these vehicles for transportation of various silvicultural freights.