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Finishing the short review of creativity of peredvizhniki, having analysed their activity, it is necessary to tell that the second and third generation rose by qualitatively new step of development of painting in different its genres.

What contents of this application? "Assuming to found Association of mobile art exhibitions, for the purpose of bringing to inhabitants of the province of opportunity to get acquainted with art and to watch its progress, and also for providing to artists of sale of their works, we have honor to address to your excellency with the most obedient request for the approval of the draft of the charter of the marked association enclosed herewith".1

The discussions developed in the history on theoretical problems create new opportunities for judgment of the general approaches of application of the basic rational research principles: historicism and objectivity because only scientific complex research in chronological sequence allowed to get into a problem essence more objectively.

All literature which is available on a Peredvizhniki movement subject, and it editions on stories of this association, art reviews, memoirs of peredvizhniki, their contemporaries, memoirs, etc., it is possible to divide into the next periods chronologically:

The practical importance in opportunity to use materials of the conducted research in a school course of teaching history, the organization of excursions, out-of-class occupations, kruzhkovy work, when carrying out the school Olympic Games on history and culture.

At board there was a cash desk of Association. The board was obliged to appoint an exhibition route, to find rooms for exhibitions, to elect the person accompanying this art exhibition, acquisition of things necessary for an exhibition, appointment and issue of loans and other duties which will be considered fully in the charter of Association.

Despite the difficulties arising in the course of the organization of the new creative commonwealth, an obstacle repaired by it from Academy, some conservative-minded official circles, the problem of creation of Association of mobile art exhibitions is carried really out.

In general the sources used during research helped to recreate a real background in which life of peredvizhniki proceeded, allowed to feel the moral and creative atmosphere which developed in their environment.

the problem and chronological method allowed to dismember this problem on a number of narrower problems, each of which is considered in chronological sequence and allocated the main activities of peredvizhniki at different stages of existence of Association.