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The option of a way of settlement of the debit position remains for the participant of calculations. However if by the time of carrying out a final session of clearing the participant still has not settled debit position, the settlement NPO rejects payments of the participant for the sum, big or equal to the size of not settled debit position on the special algorithm providing passing of the maximum number of payments.

frequency and order of settlement of mutual debt on accounts of interfilial calculations and on redistribution of money. Settlement has to be carried out at least once a quarter;

Calculations for the collection are perfromed on the basis of payment requirements which payment can be made according to the order of the payer (with the acceptance) or without its order (in a poryadk without acceptance, and collection orders which payment is made without order of the payer (in an indisputable poryadk.

Payments at electronic calculations, taking into account technology of operations in the conditions of eleven time time zones, are carried out by intra regional calculations in the same day, and by interregional calculations - no later than the next day.

Clearing - the system of regular clearing settlements based on offset of mutual counterclaims and obligations of participants of calculations which as a result of offset are repaid and come to the end with payments on a difference between the sum of obligations and (or) requirements.