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Most of authors assume activity existence only at external force, leaving behind the initial subject ability to self-preservation. But after all fundamental difference of social consists in their conscious risk beyond all bounds to own quality on all social reality, consciously provoking thereby the limitation, outlining limits of own fear.

Especially it is necessary to pay attention to such components of a cumulative image of fear which for one reason or another did not become special discussion and the more so do not find a practical. It is possible to refer to such components, in particular, figurative reflection of the environment. What mechanism of perception of the environment?

System of the world outlook images synthesizing images. These synthetic images "feed" also the sphere of a picture of the world, and the sphere of illusory outlook. As similar images ideas of UFO, the person, etc. can serve. The ordinary consciousness of the person mainly is based on these images.

According to Yum, affects of fear and hope can arise in such situation, "when chances of both parties are equal and it is impossible to open prevalence of one of them another. Under such circumstances affects the are strong as our spirit then has nothing to stop and it meets in the power of the strongest uncertainty".

The system of world outlook images representing the party of human activity and a condition of its. This system of images fetishes which make the base of illusory outlook, these images dominates the sensual beginning, belief.

In that case the fear should be understood as result of a of a cash mental image with others when heuristic and pertseptualny potentialities of a cash image are poorer than potentialities of these images. Figurative representation of own potentialities, a self-reflection of own quality are the cornerstone of delimitation of a priznannost of quality of the person in others social, to it, structures, and also determination of usefulness of these ­ for development of the person.

The contribution to development of the reasons and the bases of fear, Aristotle is considerable. Considering sincere changes, allocates in them affects, abilities and acquired a by Affects to what Aristotle refers also fear', he calls all to what the pleasure or suffering accompanies.

System of world outlook images, rationally inconsistent nature of the WONDERFUL COMPLEX. These images are the cornerstone of formation of a scientific picture of the world. In them categorial and conceptual, basic judgment and a of human relationship with the world.

In the majority of approaches the understanding of fear prevails as result of externally reflecting subject "individual", "personality", "person" act "organism". Behind the few exception at all evidence of specifics of the allocated subjects of the corresponding specification of the reflexing activity and after this also the fear, is not carried out. Practically not ­ and the external force resisting to the subject and menacing to it.

As we already noted, the fear is represented in three types of world outlook WONDERFUL IMAGES — rational,, synthetic. It would seem, even especially images of science are under the strongest influence of of a concrete historical WONDERFUL COMPLEX. Besides, various world outlook systems demand also various (verbal, conceptual) registration. In fact, we business with various forms a mismatch within one world outlook system. Thus it is free or there can involuntarily be a process of interconversion of images that eventually can lead or to their mutual enrichment, or to a, i.e. to stagnation of this world outlook system.